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Children are very important. Research has taught us that the largest percentage of Christians come to repentance while in primary school. The growth and future of the Christian faith lies with our children.

Auckland Park Theological Seminary (ATS) brought together a group of theologians and educators in 2002 to plan and develop a Sunday School programme. The instruction to the team of writers was to develop a programme that can prepare our children early on to become independent Christians, who know and love the Bible.

The programme is a complete tool for parents, Sunday school teachers and/or teachers who want to mentally develop children in a structured way. It consists of weekly lessons for grade 0 through to grade 7 learners.

Victor Kids is based on:

  • Biblical truths
  • Christian values
  • Developing appropriate learning activities and content
  • Uniqueness of the South African context

The programme ensures that learners are actively involved in the lesson and that the presenter is able to present a stimulating and well-thought-out programme each week.

Victor Kids puts in the hands of every educator a professionally crafted series of lessons, with appropriate ice breakers and creative activities, activity sheets as well as all the graphics needed to present the lesson. Presenter's notes in each lesson provide information to the presenter explaining the rationale for the inclusion of certain activities. All drawings in the book can be coloured in (black and white) and offer extra activities to learners. It also reduces the printing costs for the user.

The complete curriculum is provided digitally (in PDF) and, unlike other Sunday school programmes, no extra workbooks or activity sheets need to be purchased. The material is provider free of charge.

Victor Kids is divided into 4 phases of life:

  • Life phase 1: Grade 0 - Grade 1
  • Life phase 2: Grade 2 - Grade 3
  • Life phase 3: Grade 4 - Grade 5
  • Life phase 4: Grade 6 - Grade 7

Each life phase consists of two modules. Module 1 is the curriculum for the first half of the school year while Module 2 is presented during the last semester of the year. Each module contains +20 lessons per life phase.


In this module, we look at the account of creation, man's responsibility for what God created and God’s concern for people . There is currently enormous pressure to deny the truth that God is the Creator of all things . The programme aims to prepare our children for this attack in a responsible manner.

Module 1, Life Phase 1 is now available.

In addition to the general Bible knowledge and stories covered by the lessons, other development goals are pursued by Victor Kids. Spread across the four life phases, there are lessons that focus on, among other things:

  • Life skills are enhanced through lessons on creativity, problem solving, environmental conservation, social responsibility, resilience and the discovery of one's own life purpose.
  • Trauma handling is viewed with great caution. It includes lessons that focus on loss of self-esteem, loss of death, processing of divorce, and molestation or rape trauma. These lessons are uncomfortable themes but are very much needed in our dilapidated world. We suggest that you, as a Sunday School, meet together, discuss these lessons, and decide how to support learners who have been exposed to molestation or rape. Practical guidelines are also given in the lessons.
  • Christian feasts discussed in the first semester of the year are Passover and Pentecost. We want our children to experience being part of a greater body all over the world who celebrate important feasts together.
  • Spiritual growth is the main purpose of this material, and issues that receive special attention during the first semester are rebirth, baptism in the Holy Spirit, faith, obedience, sanctification, and contentment. Our aim is to make our learners love Jesus and His Word, the Bible.

Life phase 1 Life phase 2 Life phase 3 Life phase 4
1  Creation: The first three days
2  Creation: The fourth and fifth days
3  Creation: The sixth and seventh days
4  Responsibility for healthy living
5  The fall of man
6  Noah's ark
7  Stewardship: Water
8   Stewardship: air and the environments
*Easter (Passover)
9  Little Samuel
10  God speaks with Samuel
11  Eli's death
12  Samuel anoints Dawid
13  Dawid and Goliath
14  Elijah and the ravens
15  Elijah and the widow
16  Elijah and the prophets of Baal
17  The end of the prophet Elijah
18  Self-esteem
19  Revision
Life phases 2 - 4 will be published in English as soon as we complete their translation.

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* The Easter (Passover) and Pentecostal lessons are not numbered because Passover and Pentecost take place on different days every year; this is determined by the state of the moon. So you arrange the lessons in the calendar as it suits your Sunday school programme. Passover, however, should be as close as possible to Passover, preferably before the schools close for the holiday.

Some of the graphical representations from Victor Kids

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