Library Facilities

ATS has a large library and archive containing documents, etc. of Pentecostalism in South Africa, situated at the ATS campus in Johannesburg. These facilities are accessible to day visitors (students) who are assisted by a qualified librarian and an archivist. The library offers a loan service for its students. All books are categorised according a library system and records are managed within the Student Manager system’s online library module. Students have 24/7 online access to determine media availability within the library.

Additionally, the ATS library is a full member of the National Library of South Africa, giving all our students electronic access to all libraries in South Africa. These include libraries at South African Universities and private company libraries (such as the library of the Mining House of South Africa, etc.). Access is provided to:

  • All hard copy books, to be ordered through the National Library’s loan department,
  • Electronic books,
  • Photo copies of journals, to be ordered through the National Library service, and
  • Access to all available online journals.

Students have access to the inter-loan department via the ATS library. Students can enquire about specific media in-person, telephonic or via email.