Publications by ATS

Publications by ATS

  • The Eschatology

    From the Creation Sabbath to the Reality of Heaven

    The purpose of this book is to provide a theological scientific approach to understand something of the space-time continuum from the creation Sabbath up to the return of Christ and the reality of heaven.

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  • Prayer bible study course

    In conversation with our Heavenly Father

    After accepting Christ as Saviour and becoming a child of God, I have the wonderful opportunity to speak to my Heavenly Father.

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  • Holy Spirit study course

    A life in Christ, and Christ in you, the fullness of God in you.

    The Spirit-filled person, when he speaks in tongues through the work of the Holy Spirit, talks about the miracle of the resurrected and glorified Christ in him.

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  • Ordinary People

    To think anew about revival

    What will I be able to tell Daniel, Moses, or Elijah about my own experience that will be greater and more glorious to them than their own experiences?

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  • Gewone Mense

    Om nuut te dink oorherlewing

    Toe gebeur dit, 'n herlewing wat onder die radar plaasvind. Die Heilige Gees wat oor gesinne kom, wat mense in hulle binnekamers ontmoet en insig, raad en planne gee … en niks was ooit daarna weer dieselfde nie!

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  • Victor Kids (English)

    Sunday School programme for grade 0 to 7 learners

    Research has taught us that the largest percentage of Christians come to repentance while in primary school. The growth and future of the Christian faith lies with our children.

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  • Victor Kids (Afrikaans)

    Sondagskoolprogram vir grade 0 tot 7

    Navorsing het ons geleer dat die grootste persentasie van Christene in die laerskool tot bekering kom. Die groei en die toekoms van die Christelike geloof lê by ons kinders.

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