What is the meaning of speaking in tongues?

A more comprehensive article looks at the question: Is baptism in the Holy Spirit accompanied by speaking in tongues? And a second question that accompanies the first: ​​What is the meaning of speaking in tongues? The following is a brief conclusion of the article.

Die artikel is ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

Conclusion: Where does the “speaking in tongues” fit, or what is the meaning of speaking in tongues with regard to the baptism in the Holy Spirit:

Speaking in tongues ​​is not a sign of baptism in the Holy Spirit, it is, as has already been said, more than that. Speaking in tongues ​​is the spontaneous and accompanying response of the believer to the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is the physical expression of the “overflow”, of the “streams of living water”. A continuous flow of the presence of the Creator God in action in the believer during and after the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is the believer’s spontaneous surrender to and the concrete and observable working of the Spirit of God in his life. This experience and process is described in the Bible as talking to God about “mysteries”: the truth and experience of God’s indescribable omnipotence and intense close love, which is beyond human comprehension or understanding. A participation of the believer through and with the Spirit who takes him on a journey from slave to child of God, to coheir with Christ. Speaking in tongues is nothing less than a participation in the power and glory of the risen Christ on the throne.

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Gaan die doop in die Heilige Gees gepaard met die spreek in tale?

In ‘n langer artikel word gekyk na die vraag:  Gaan die doop in die Heilige Gees gepaard met die spreek in tale?  ’n Tweede vraag wat noodwendig is: Wat is die sin van die spreek in tale?

Hier volg ‘n kort opsomming van die artikel.

This article is also available in English.

Opsommend: Kom ons sê weer waar pas “tale praat”, of te wel wat is die sin van spreke in tale ten opsigte van die doping in die Heilige Gees:

Tale praat is nie ’n teken van die doop in die Heilige Gees nie, dit is soos reeds gesê, meer as dit. Tale praat is die spontane, begeleidende reaksie van die gelowige op die doping in die Heilige Gees. Dit is die fisiese uitdrukking van die “oorvloei”, die “oorloop”, die “strome van lewende water”. ‘n Voortdurende vloei van die teenwoordigheid van die Skepper God in aksie in die gelowige tydens en na die ervaring van die doop in die Heilige Gees.  Dit is die gelowige se spontane oorgawe aan, sy in die hand plaas van, en die konkrete en waarneembare werking van die Gees van God in sy lewe. Hierdie belewenis en proses word in die Bybel beskryf as praat met God oor sy “verborgenheid”: waarheid en belewenis van God se onbeskryflike almag en intense naby liefde, wat bo menslike begrip of verstand is. ’n Deelname van die gelowige deur en saam met die Gees wat hom op reis neem van slaaf tot kind van God, tot mede-erfgenaam saam met Christus. Spreek in tale is niks minder as ’n deelname aan die krag en heerlikheid van die opgestane Christus op die troon nie.

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How to study a Bachelor of Theology even if you did not pass the Senior Certificate with endorsement

A matriculation exemption (Senior Certificate with Endorsement) is a legal admission requirement for Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s Bachelor of Theology. You can however apply for matriculation exemption from the Matriculation Board under certain conditions.

Who can apply for matriculation exemption?

  • If you are a South African student older than 23 years and did not pass your Senior Certificate with endorsement, or
  • If you are an International student older than 23 years wishing to register for first-degree studies at Auckland Park Theological Seminary then you must have your school qualifications evaluated by the South African Matriculation Board. They will then issue a certificate of exemption to those who qualify.

How long does it take to obtain a certificate of exemption?

According to the Matriculation Board it takes 5 to 10 working days to obtain a provisional letter which is sufficient to get admission to Auckland Park Theological Seminary (subject to the applicant meeting the ATS’ requirements).

The actual exemption certificate is issued by the Matriculation Board in approximately 6-8 weeks after receipt of all relevant and correctly certified documents as well as the requisite payment.

Do you qualify?

Start with the online assessment to see if you qualify: https://mbit-application.usaf.ac.za/assessment/

More information: https://mb.usaf.ac.za/faqs/

The philosophy behind Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s curriculum

Listen to this article “The philosophy behind Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s curriculum”

The philosophy behind Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s curriculum is about the question:

  • Why does Auckland Park Theological Seminary (ATS) teach the specific curriculum to their students who want to join the ministry?
  • How did we decide what should be learned and taught in our theological qualification?

There are mainly two approaches in compiling a curriculum with the aim to equip students for admission to the ministry:

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Radiogesprek oor “Gewone Mense”

Ds Johann Els van Radiokansel het onlangs met Prof Hattingh gesels oor die boek “Gewone Mense: om nuut te dink oor herlewing.”

Jy kan die boek “Gewone Mense: om nuut te dink oor herlewing” gratis aflaai by https://www.ats.ac.za/gewone-mense/.

Luister hieronder na die gesprek.

“Ordinary People: to think anew about revival” is also available in English on https://www.ats.ac.za/ordinary-people/.

“… for such a time as this?”

Our global world is in a peculiar state. Young and old walk with masks on their faces, sanitise their hands constantly, and restrain from making physical contact. What might have seemed strange in early 2020, is now worldwide the norm.

We were born for such a time as this.

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Thinking of studying theology?

The below letter from ATS’ rector to prospective students might help you better understand your options with regard to how you can structure your studies.

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Experiencing a revival has become a yearning in the hearts of ATS’ people. It started growing from deep within us and has become more and more urgent.  We are thinking about it and are listening to the whispering of the Holy Spirit to help us understand this yearning.  We wonder if revival should not be the dream or desire of the church of Jesus Christ?  Is it correct to think this way, or is it just wishful thinking or worse, a way to escape reality?

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Why would one consider studying a Higher Certificate in Pastoral Counselling?

Trym Nilsen on Unsplash

Christianity is one of the largest common denominators within South Africa’s diverse population, and spans across our social, economic, cultural and educational divide.

ATS serves the Christian network. With the Higher Certificate in Pastoral Counselling ATS wants to equip and mobilise the Christian network to shoulder some of the burden of the vast humanitarian crises in South Africa.  This is the best solution we can offer in answer to the overwhelming need.

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Superlative people

(unsplash/Luca Micheli)


  1. The circumstances of the Macedonian churches as background
  2. Habitat for God to work
  3. They become Superlative people
  4. The grace of God
  5. The churches of Macedonia gave themselves to God
  6. In closing
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