Teen Mental Illness Epidemic

The children of the world are in distress. 

The mental illness among children is global and it has continued to rise from 2012. It seems to gain momentum rather that cooling down.  For the first time in the history of mental illness the prevalence of mental illness is the highest in the age group 15 – 23.  Children are depressed, lonely, hopeless, anxious and some are so desperate that they turn on themselves with episodes of self-harm and suicide. Something is seriously wrong. 

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Registration to study theology is now open

  • Approved applicants (see below how to apply to study at ATS) and existing students can register now and pay your required deposit by 14 June 2023 for your study material to be prepared and dispatched before the winter recess (23 June – 17 July), giving you a head start during the semester.
  • Get 5% discount* on your semester’s module fees if you pay 60% of your total semester fee (excl book & delivery fees) by 2 June 2023.
  • Get 10% discount* on your semester’s module fees if you pay 90% of your full semester fee up-front (excl book & delivery fees) by 2 June 2023.
  • Registration for the 2nd semester closes 19 July 2023.

* An existing student’s outstanding account needs to be settled in full before becoming eligible for the discount. Applicable for DipTh or BTh registration only. After receiving the deposit, a credit note for either 5% or 10% is issued for the remaining module fees.

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ATS’ think tank for Child and Family wellness

Photo by James Besser on Unsplash

The family is about the DNA of the smallest cell in the body of Christ. Although Louw (1983: 74) writes the following about marriage, it is applicable to the family as it fully applies to the family, namely “that marriage is a calling to represent a particular cause on earth: the cause of God’s covenant grace and the victory of his redemptive rule. That is why we prefer to speak of marriage not only as an institution of God but especially as purpose-driven (saak-gerigtheid), that is, as a command and calling before God”.

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A picture guide to good preaching

A picture guide to good preaching

Pastor Frank Cronje, the previous principal of Auckland Park Theological Seminary (then it was still a theological college and not a seminary) met with my dad in the early 1970s and asked him to become a full-time lecturer and “to teach the AFM church how to preach”. This was oom Frank’s way of asking him to become the lecturer in Practical Theology. I was still a pre-schooler, but I knew that my dad was responsible to help students to become effective preachers and, in my mind, that was a huge task.

In those days the third-year students had to give a trial sermon for final evaluation in front of all the students, from first- up to third year. Those third-year students, who had already passed their trial sermons were allowed to critique the sermon, and right at the end my dad would stand up and give his feedback and whether the student passed or failed. I obviously never witnessed those classes, but I overheard many conversations between students and knew that this was a very stressful examination for them. Firstly, to preach with conviction to a crowd who is focused on identifying your shortcomings and then having everybody listen to the feedback. Yet, I have often heard of times when the whole hall met with God and were worshiping the Lord in tongues under the anointing of the Holy Spirit way past the allocated time.

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Registration for 1st semester 2023 is now open

  • Approved applicants (see below how to apply to study at ATS) and existing students can register now and pay your required deposit by 25 November 2022 to receive your books this year.
  • Registration for the 1st semester 2023 remains open until 31 January 2023.

How to apply to study at ATS

  1. If you have not yet been approved to study at ATS, decide on one of ATS’ Academic Programmes:
  2. Apply for your chosen Academic Programme by completing the online application form.
  3. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will need to select and register for the modules you want to study during the 1st semester 2023. To help you choose, ATS’ Rector, Prof Hattingh, has written an article to help you structure your studies for optimal enjoyment and success.
  4. ATS then prepares and sends your study material to you (or you can pick it up at ATS).

Existing BTh and Diploma students can login and register for the 1st semester on https://ats.makelearningflow.com.

What is the meaning of speaking in tongues?

A more comprehensive article looks at the question: Is baptism in the Holy Spirit accompanied by speaking in tongues? And a second question that accompanies the first: ​​What is the meaning of speaking in tongues? The following is a brief conclusion of the article.

Die artikel is ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

Conclusion: Where does the “speaking in tongues” fit, or what is the meaning of speaking in tongues with regard to the baptism in the Holy Spirit:

Speaking in tongues ​​is not a sign of baptism in the Holy Spirit, it is, as has already been said, more than that. Speaking in tongues ​​is the spontaneous and accompanying response of the believer to the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is the physical expression of the “overflow”, of the “streams of living water”. A continuous flow of the presence of the Creator God in action in the believer during and after the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is the believer’s spontaneous surrender to and the concrete and observable working of the Spirit of God in his life. This experience and process is described in the Bible as talking to God about “mysteries”: the truth and experience of God’s indescribable omnipotence and intense close love, which is beyond human comprehension or understanding. A participation of the believer through and with the Spirit who takes him on a journey from slave to child of God, to coheir with Christ. Speaking in tongues is nothing less than a participation in the power and glory of the risen Christ on the throne.

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Gaan die doop in die Heilige Gees gepaard met die spreek in tale?

In ‘n langer artikel word gekyk na die vraag:  Gaan die doop in die Heilige Gees gepaard met die spreek in tale?  ’n Tweede vraag wat noodwendig is: Wat is die sin van die spreek in tale?

Hier volg ‘n kort opsomming van die artikel.

This article is also available in English.

Opsommend: Kom ons sê weer waar pas “tale praat”, of te wel wat is die sin van spreke in tale ten opsigte van die doping in die Heilige Gees:

Tale praat is nie ’n teken van die doop in die Heilige Gees nie, dit is soos reeds gesê, meer as dit. Tale praat is die spontane, begeleidende reaksie van die gelowige op die doping in die Heilige Gees. Dit is die fisiese uitdrukking van die “oorvloei”, die “oorloop”, die “strome van lewende water”. ‘n Voortdurende vloei van die teenwoordigheid van die Skepper God in aksie in die gelowige tydens en na die ervaring van die doop in die Heilige Gees.  Dit is die gelowige se spontane oorgawe aan, sy in die hand plaas van, en die konkrete en waarneembare werking van die Gees van God in sy lewe. Hierdie belewenis en proses word in die Bybel beskryf as praat met God oor sy “verborgenheid”: waarheid en belewenis van God se onbeskryflike almag en intense naby liefde, wat bo menslike begrip of verstand is. ’n Deelname van die gelowige deur en saam met die Gees wat hom op reis neem van slaaf tot kind van God, tot mede-erfgenaam saam met Christus. Spreek in tale is niks minder as ’n deelname aan die krag en heerlikheid van die opgestane Christus op die troon nie.

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How to study a Bachelor of Theology even if you did not pass the Senior Certificate with endorsement

A matriculation exemption (Senior Certificate with Endorsement) is a legal admission requirement for Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s Bachelor of Theology. You can however apply for matriculation exemption from the Matriculation Board under certain conditions.

Who can apply for matriculation exemption?

  • If you are a South African student older than 23 years and did not pass your Senior Certificate with endorsement, or
  • If you are an International student older than 23 years wishing to register for first-degree studies at Auckland Park Theological Seminary then you must have your school qualifications evaluated by the South African Matriculation Board. They will then issue a certificate of exemption to those who qualify.

How long does it take to obtain a certificate of exemption?

According to the Matriculation Board it takes 5 to 10 working days to obtain a provisional letter which is sufficient to get admission to Auckland Park Theological Seminary (subject to the applicant meeting the ATS’ requirements).

The actual exemption certificate is issued by the Matriculation Board in approximately 6-8 weeks after receipt of all relevant and correctly certified documents as well as the requisite payment.

Do you qualify?

Start with the online assessment to see if you qualify: https://mbit-application.usaf.ac.za/assessment/

More information: https://mb.usaf.ac.za/faqs/

The philosophy behind Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s curriculum

Listen to this article “The philosophy behind Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s curriculum”

The philosophy behind Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s curriculum is about the question:

  • Why does Auckland Park Theological Seminary (ATS) teach the specific curriculum to their students who want to join the ministry?
  • How did we decide what should be learned and taught in our theological qualification?

There are mainly two approaches in compiling a curriculum with the aim to equip students for admission to the ministry:

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