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Teen Mental Illness Epidemic

The children of the world are in distress. 

The mental illness among children is global and it has continued to rise from 2012. It seems to gain momentum rather that cooling down.  For the first time in the history of mental illness the prevalence of mental illness is the highest in the age group 15 – 23.  Children are depressed, lonely, hopeless, anxious and some are so desperate that they turn on themselves with episodes of self-harm and suicide. Something is seriously wrong. 

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ATS’ think tank for Child and Family wellness

Photo by James Besser on Unsplash

The family is about the DNA of the smallest cell in the body of Christ. Although Louw (1983: 74) writes the following about marriage, it is applicable to the family as it fully applies to the family, namely “that marriage is a calling to represent a particular cause on earth: the cause of God’s covenant grace and the victory of his redemptive rule. That is why we prefer to speak of marriage not only as an institution of God but especially as purpose-driven (saak-gerigtheid), that is, as a command and calling before God”.

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