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The family is about the DNA of the smallest cell in the body of Christ. Although Louw (1983: 74) writes the following about marriage, it is applicable to the family as it fully applies to the family, namely “that marriage is a calling to represent a particular cause on earth: the cause of God’s covenant grace and the victory of his redemptive rule. That is why we prefer to speak of marriage not only as an institution of God but especially as purpose-driven (saak-gerigtheid), that is, as a command and calling before God”.

The family and the rearing of children are important to prepare a generation for God – it is indispensable in the coming of God’s kingdom in this dark world. It may be that the church of Jesus has neglected the family and that the family did not receive as much attention from the church and its local congregation. Efforts will have to be made to further advance the family as a possibility for revival.

ATS has assembled a group of Spirit-filled professionals within the field of Child and Family wellness to critically reflect on this important subject matter.

Periodically, concept maps, abstracts and/or questions will be made available on ATS’ website in order to document the process and solicit input. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you would like to be notified.

We attempt to consider Child and Family wellness from a Biblical, Christ-centric and pheumatological perspective.  We believe this specific frame of reference may be of value to the Body of Christ.

The first output is on “Teen Mental Illness Epidemic“: watch the video presentation and download its concept map.