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Sanctified in Thy truth

The dictum of Auckland Park Theological Seminary (ATS) is “Sanctified in Thy truth”.  It dates back to around 1949 when Dr FP Möller (senior) created the first hand drawing of the logo.  I have over the years often thanked the Lord for the dictum Dr Möller had chosen so many years ago as it still directs our path today.  I have asked the Lord through his Holy Spirit to help us understand what this dictum means for a theological training institution within our present-day context of relativism (a belief that there is no truth – whatever you want to be true is true), fake news, and mass media.

The development of Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s logo over the years.
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Finance vs. God’s will

An open letter to Auckland Park Theological Seminary’s staff.

I write this to you as a testimony, praise be to God, of His faithful love to us at ATS.

On 31 December 2008, the AFM church terminated ATS as being a training institution for the AFM church. I was on vacation in George during this time and was busy evaluating a thesis as an external examiner. The dissertation was about the trauma care of someone who has experienced the death of a loved one.

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