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How to facilitate a Bible study home group

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is a process where people gain new knowledge by participating in the Bible study rather that listening to information being presented by the ‘expert’ (be it the facilitator or pastor).  It is a process where people learn by being actively involved in the process.

Facilitating is an art of providing the right stimulus to a group so that they participate fully in their own spiritual growth.  The focus is therefore not on telling (preaching to) a group what to do, but rather on asking the right questions that will enable the group to “discover” truths and principles.

Facilitation is not teaching, not telling, not lecturing, not preaching, and not directing.

Facilitation is to provide the resources and the structure for group members to explore, learn and develop.

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Being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues


The question this article focusses on is: Is baptism with the Holy Spirit accompanied by speaking in tongues?  A second question that necessarily accompanies the previous one is: what is the sense of speaking in tongues?  The answer to these two questions may highlight the wonder and power of baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The question is not about: does the believer, who does not have the experience of speaking in tongues, have the Holy Spirit? By the very nature of what a believer is, all believers (they have accepted Jesus after all) have the Holy Spirit in their lives. From biblical perspective, there cannot be a person who has accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour without the working of the Holy Spirit in his life. How else would Jesus be present and active in his life? If a believer could be without the Holy Spirit, then it could also be asked whether a born-again person is without the first person in the Trinity, the Father? Indeed, it concerns the question of the triune God’s presence in a believer’s life. After all, we read: “… for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfil his good purpose” (Phil. 2:13). The assumption is that in everything it is God who works through his Spirit in a born-again person.

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Die vervulling met die Heilige Gees en spreek in tale


Die vraag waaroor hierdie artikel gaan, is:  gaan die doop in die Heilige Gees gepaard met die spreek in tale?  ’n Tweede vraag wat noodwending hiermee saamgaan, is:  wat is die sin van die spreek in tale?  Die antwoord op dié twee vrae mag die wonder en krag van die doop in die Heilige Gees na vore laat kom.

Die vraag gaan nie oor:  het die gelowige, wat nie die ervaring het om in tale te praat nie, wel die Heilige Gees? Uit die aard van wat ’n gelowige is, het alle gelowiges (hulle het immers vir Jesus aangeneem) die Heilige Gees in hulle lewens.  Vanuit die Bybelse waarheid kan daar nie ’n persoon wees wat Jesus as sy persoonlike saligmaker aangeneem het, sonder die werking van die Heilige Gees in sy lewe nie. Hoe anders sou Jesus teenwoordig en werksaam in sy lewe wees?  Indien ’n gelowige sonder die Heilige Gees sou wees, kan selfs gevra word of ’n weergebore persoon sonder die eerste persoon in die Drie-eenheid, die Vader, is?  Dit gaan inderdaad om die vraag oor die Drie-enige God se teenwoordigheid in ’n gelowige se lewe.  Ons lees immers: “… want dit is God wat julle gewillig en bekwaam maak om sy wil uit te voer” (Fil 2:13). Die aanname is dat God al die pad deur sy Gees in ’n weergebore persoon werksaam is.

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Big Change: economic and social recovery plan for South Africa

This article is part of BIG Change.

The economy is a living organism with millions of connections between large, medium, and tiny nodes, in essence it boils down to over 55 million interconnected individuals. Fifty-five million individuals that come together in this country to trade in skills and time. People who want to gain value, and who want to improve their own lives and the lives of others through mutually-beneficial transactions.” ~ Chris Hattingh, about South Africa’s economy (BizNews).

The economist and philosopher Friedrich Hayek explains this complexity as a system that no one can possibly get a mental grasp on. We cannot begin to truly understand this organisation and connection of millions of nodes, and therefore it is an order that no one can possibly control.

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The Holy Spirit in a challenging world

Prof WJ Hattingh gave the following presentation at Auckland Park Theological Seminary during the one-day seminar on the Holy Spirit on the 18th of October 2016.  This was the second presentation of the day following “The baptism in the Holy Spirit in perspective”.


This presentation will unfold as follows:

  • We will first discuss the general working of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life.
  • Thereafter, we will discuss the baptism in the Holy Spirit as a second experience after the new birth; the fulfilment of the promise made in Joel 2.
  • Jesus was introduced as the Baptiser in the Holy Spirit. We will explore the meaning of the words used to describe the experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • The magnificent meaning of the working of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life will be discussed from Paul’s two prayers in Ephesians.
  • We will look at an example of the working of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life in this challenging world – the fight in a broken world, so that God’s good purpose can be fulfilled (Rom. 8).
  • The imperative to “live by the Spirit”.  

My aim is to help you experience the working of the Holy Spirit in its fullness in this challenging world.

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Teen Mental Illness Epidemic

The children of the world are in distress. 

The mental illness among children is global and it has continued to rise from 2012. It seems to gain momentum rather that cooling down.  For the first time in the history of mental illness the prevalence of mental illness is the highest in the age group 15 – 23.  Children are depressed, lonely, hopeless, anxious and some are so desperate that they turn on themselves with episodes of self-harm and suicide. Something is seriously wrong. 

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Registration to study theology is now open

Bachelor of Theology, Diploma in Theology and BTh Bridge

  • Prospective students can apply at any time.
  • Registration (enrollment) for the 2nd semester 2024 is open from 8 May 2024.
  • The final date to pay your deposit and finalise your registration is 10 July 2024.

Higher Certificate in Pastoral Counselling & Higher Certificate in Youth Work

  • Prospective students can continue to apply and register at any time.
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