Experiencing a revival has become a yearning in the hearts of ATS’ people. It started growing from deep within us and has become more and more urgent.  We are thinking about it and are listening to the whispering of the Holy Spirit to help us understand this yearning.  We wonder if revival should not be the dream or desire of the church of Jesus Christ?  Is it correct to think this way, or is it just wishful thinking or worse, a way to escape reality?

There are many questions that we seek to understand, questions such as:

  1. What is revival?  What is a definition of revival?
  2. Is there in God’s program, before the second coming of Jesus, a revival on His agenda?
  3. Is a revival feasible in our time and world?
  4. How will it happen? How will God bring it to pass?
  5. What must we do? What are our contributions? Maybe the church needs a total new way of thinking.
  6. How can there be an authentic revival that will stand the test of time? A revival that will reach far and wide, impacting our world until Jesus’ second coming.

The almighty Creator, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ must be glorified in our world. We hope to continue writing articles as we slowly follow God’s revelation, guiding our understanding of His plan.

The truth of the death and resurrection of Jesus must reach the ends of the earth through the work of the Holy Spirit. It is the sole purpose of what Jesus has done for the world.

You are invited to be a partner in this journey.