I renounced the belief systems I grew up in, and fully followed Jesus

During a recent email exchange between one of ATS’ support personnel and a Diploma student, the student wrote the following. We thought it is a wonderful example of the personal working of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life, and share it with permission of the student.


I need your advice. I need to join a church.

Part of my background is that I grew up in a family that believes in ancestors, that consulted sangomas whenever there’s a problem and performed traditional rituals.

But I never connected with these believes. I never stepped inside a church all my life, but one thing that I enjoyed doing, as I grew up, was Bible reading to an extent where I started taking my own notes way before I joined ATS. I always had this desire to read the Word and I enjoyed although back then I struggled to understand certain things.

After joining ATS in 2023, as I was studying Church History Reader 611, I read about a Bolobedu king named Kgashane who renounced his tradition and eventually he was killed for his faith. Fortunately, I found a book titled Kgashane by S.P.N Makwala (1992 5th edition) wherein this author narrates the story of Kgashane.

The question that arose after reading this book was, “if he could renounce his traditional beliefs for Jesus, why can’t I?” He was a king!

So I also renounced the belief systems I grew up in, and fully followed Jesus. Now I need to join fellow believers and walk this journey of faith with them.

I don’t know where to start. I feel I need to join a Bible church. Any recommendations?

Thank you.


  1. The ATS Team

    This is how we think a revival may start: The Creator Spirit, Holy Spirit, working in the lives of ordinary people, rather than preachers jetting in and “handing us the revival”.

  2. Weston

    Many miracles do happen in life. Some are shared and others remain the secret of the one who experienced the miracle. In life, there is always that turning point. It may be triggered by a big event or an event considered insignificant from other people’s perspective. What matters is the realization that Jesus is never tired of calling us to join him in the Kingdom. May the divine hand of the Lord continue shaping our lives in so many beautiful ways, Amen

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