Other academic programmes

ATS is undergoing major changes with the purpose of enhancing the teaching and learning experience of all our students.

These changes affect all the ATS sectors: our undergraduate programmes as well as our post-graduate programmes. It also affects a heightened improvement of the administration, whereby students will be able to access online important information such as assessment results access, financial statements and many more. Our library service will also be expanded to be more accessible online. Learning material is made more user friendly, especially with our distance learners in mind. Excellence is our mission, and this is the driving force behind the re-structuring of ATS! For any enquiries regarding ATS or our study programs, please . A new ATS for a new generation of students!

"The need in Africa is to give relevant training to a fast growing church,
where the rate of salvation outgrows the rate of leadership development"

Dr LJ Erasmus, former treasurer of the board of AFM International Churches in Africa.