Lecturer contact

ATS follows an open-door policy as far as lecturer-learner contact is concerned. Learners are encouraged to contact their lecturers for advice and assistance. Lecturers can be contacted either by phone (during office hours), via e-mail or by regular post.

Academic staff: subject co-ordinators
Subject Lecturer
Church History (1st year)
Church History (2nd & 3rd year)
Church Leadership
Dogmatics & Ethics
Family Ministry (1st year)
Family Ministry (2nd & 3rd year)
Higher Cert. in Pastoral Counselling
Higher Cert. in Youth Ministry
Intro to Practical Theology
Missiology (1st year)
Missiology (2nd year)
Missiology (3rd year)
New Testament
Old Testament
Pastoral Care & Counselling
Practical Theology
Research Methodology
Youth Ministry

"In my experience, ATS is one of the best Pentecostal theological training centres in the world"

Dr M Clark, Regents Theological College in the United Kingdom, 2011