Social responsibility

Auckland Park Theological Seminary (“ATS”, for short) is a public benefit organisation engaged in theological training and education.

Africa is crying out for passionate, well-equipped leaders with the ability to solve complex, pervasive problems and to work permanent and far-reaching social and spiritual changes in its many needy communities.

Research has indicated that approximately 300 new assemblies are being established in Africa each week. Reflecting on this extraordinary growth rate, Dr Agrippa Khathide (Head of Missiology at ATS) commented that the question now arises as to whether, in terms of theological training and development, enough leaders are being equipped to deal with this explosion of faith; and, even more importantly, whether their training is relevant and effective enough to meet this enormous need. He concluded that, in many instances, the answer to these questions is a regretful NO.

ATS, however, has accepted the challenge of grooming a whole new generation of leaders for this Herculean task.

Simply put, ATS's priority in terms of social responsibility is to equip a new generation of spiritual leaders. In addition, ATS aims at motivating and governing various community-development initiatives. As an academic institution, however, ATS is resolute not to become removed from grass-roots challenges. As a result, ATS is involved in sustainable community development through the participatory learning and development of young, grass-roots level leaders.

"Pentecostal people's behaviour is one of independence, entrepreneurship, good behaviour, discipline, rational outlook on work and social activities. This leads to economic growth and poverty relief."

Prof. Peter Berger, American Sociologist.