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Herlewing onder kinders in die vroeë dae van Pinkster in Suid Afrika

Hier is vir u ‘n beskrywing van die herlewing wat onder kinders in die vroeë dae van Pinkster in Suid Afrika plaasgevind het (Al bruis die Jordaan, 1969. J.C. de Ferrieres – Tant Sannie):

Sonskynhoekie diens

“In 1940 het die Uitvoerende Raad van my kerk die eerste nasionale Paaskonferensie op ‘n plaas in Emmarentia (nou ‘n voorstad van Johannesburg) gehou.  Ek is gevra om verantwoordelikheid te neem vir die dienste wat twee keer per dag vir die kinders gehou sou word. Hierdie dienste is gehou terwyl die ouers die konferensie dienste in ‘n aparte tent wat sitplek vir 4,000 volwassenes gebied het, bygewoon het.

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Healed from an incurable disease

One Saturday afternoon, I drove with my dad to uncle Lukas’ plot to drop-off the grass cuttings from our lawn. I was always excited to scramble onto the back of our trailer, dig the shovel into the cuttings and throw it as far as my pencil-thin arms could manage.

At some point during our excursion one of the farm gates swung open and pinned down my left foot. My dad rushed to help and lifted the gate to free my foot. I was 10 years old.

In the coming days my foot became so swollen that I could not even pull on a sock. I was in agony and the swelling would not subside.

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Brand new for 2017

Introducing the Small Group Leader Certificate

The Small Group Leader Certificate is a vocational certificate that was especially created to equip leaders of small groups or cell groups.

The programme has been designed to sharpen you Biblical knowledge of both the Old and the New Testament. ATS has a specific view of how to understand and work with the Bible (hermeneutic principle) and this is especially helpful with regard to the Old Testament (in the past Pentecostal and Charismatic people often shied away from the Old Testament). The programme also gives guidance on specific skills such as preaching and pastoral care, and it provides responsible answers to critical faith issues and Christian ethics.

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How effective (or not) is the church in transforming the local community?

As a native pastor in Sesheke, a small border town in Western Zambia, David was troubled by the desperate situation of his community.

Sesheke is one of the biggest timber revenue collection areas in Zambia and at the same time remains one of the poorest districts in the country. When he became the chairperson of the pastors fellowship in Sesheke in 2007 they implemented a development program with the aim of transforming the community. After a few years and having to face many challenges David was compelled to ask himself the question “how effective is the Church at its transformational task”? And secondly, “how can the church become more effective”?

In his honest search for answers he was faced with the resounding conclusion from the community that “the church had failed in its transformational task”.

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The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

A sermon by John G. Lake  in 1921.

Listen to the sermon (32 min, 43Mb) - read by Stephen Bankart.

John G. LakeThe Baptism of the Holy Ghost is the greatest event in Christian history. Greater than the Crucifixion, of greater import than the Resurrection, greater than the Ascension, greater than the glorification. It was the end and finality of Crucifixion and Resurrection, Ascension and glorification.

If Jesus Christ had been crucified, and there had been no resurrection, His death would have been without avail, in so far as the salvation of mankind is concerned. Or if He had risen from the grave in resurrection, and failed to reach the throne of God, and receive from the Father the Gift of the Holy Ghost, the purpose for which He died, and for which He arose, would have been missed.

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Report on Survey 1: My Calling

Summary/conclusions of the findings

A great majority of the participants (68.5 + 15.8%) know with certainty that they are called and that the calling is from God as was revealed to them through the working of the Holy Spirit (43.4%). For many, this conviction of their calling has been known for a significant period of time – it is not a fleeting experience or a spur of the moment feeling.

Many participants (57%) have suppressed their calling in the past or are continuing to suppress it (11.4%) and therefor not living out their calling.

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The perfect storm

Christianity is in the midst of a perfect storm! The authority of the Bible and Jesus Christ’s position as God’s Holy Son are assaulted at every turn and by every voice. Quick and easy answers from pulpits are just not good enough anymore. People are connected and exposed to a meticulously designed onslaught on core Biblical truths. If we do not rise to the challenge, our children will be left at the mercy of the Darkness.

We were called for a time like this! (Esther 4: 14) He is able to keep our calling safe till His glorious day (2 Timothy 1: 12) but we have to do everything possible to be as excellent as possible at our task. “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed…” (2 Timothy 2: 15)

The challenges of our day demand of us to be craftsmen: people meticulously prepared and equipped for the task at hand.

Be ready and fully equipped for the day: the “great professor of all there is to know” tells our children that “there is no God in heaven and there is no hell below” (quote from Almost like the Blues, Leonard Cohen).

ATS is called to equip the leaders of tomorrow to extend God’s kingdom. We are compelled by the times we live in to make an urgent call for workers, to be equipped and sent into His harvest field (Luke 10: 2).

E-learning pilot is now live

Over the past seven years the profile of our students have changed to such an extent that 82,8% of our current students are distance learners.  During the early years of ATS 100% of our students were full-time: we knew their names, faces and their voices.  We could recognise when the Holy Spirit was working with a student and many times a class was stopped so that the group could pray for a pressing need or spontaneously start to worship the Lord. (If you were part of ATS and have a testimony in this regard please share it in the comments below)

Introducing-StudyBuddyThe fact that the majority of our students are not in front of us on a daily basis is frustrating to us, as we know what they are missing.  Yet, we understand the reality we are faced with and we have made it our personal goal to overcome this challenge.

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You are called for His Kingdom

In 2 Timothy 1:12 Paul writes about the sustainability of his calling in the light of the many hardship and tribulations he is experiencing “and it is for this reason that I suffer these things. But I am still full of confidence, because I know whom I have trusted, and I am sure that he is able to keep safe until that Day what he has entrusted to me.” (GNT)

He gives our lives meaning by making us partakers in His triumphal procession. And then, when all kinds of trails and tribulations threaten to end this very calling and even our lives, He keeps that what He has entrusted to us (our calling) safe until the end.

We want to encourage you not to give up on your calling. Through His grace, you are part of a new nation that transcends all geographic borders, all cultural differences, all language and racial differences. It is a nation of people, who are washed by the blood of the Lamb, whose names are written in the book of life, and whose ruler is Christ Jesus.

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Who is to say what is right or wrong?

According to some academics and freethinkers of our time, sin is but the creation of the church to keep people dependent on the church.  Regrettably, in the past the church has committed (and might still be committing) grave atrocities under the pretext of fighting sin.

Can a reason why people easily dismiss the seriousness and existence of sin be that they have never yet been confronted with God’s Holyness and Might?

Testimony of an ATS applicant – a man from Africa

“I am a third child of six children. I was stubborn, rebellious, immoral and GOD hating.

I finally got into drugs and became addicted. I took enough drugs to make me very inhumane [sic] high and wicked to any human being. It was in this stage of lostness [sic] that one day while I was sitting with relatives at home, the Spirit of the LORD came upon me.

I was listening to my relatives complain that the funeral they went to had no entertainment – no ladies for the night, no alcohol and so on. In my village, there are no nightclubs or night-out [sic] joints so we do our partying at wakes – funerals. It was at that complaint that the Spirit spoke through me and I told them that why would they go to funerals and come back complaining that there were no ladies to pick up for the night? They were surprised, as they knew that I took much delight in those types of things and deeds. I repeated myself again and my eyes opened: I heard a voice so loud and so clear saying to me “Charles* , you will surely die too, and go to hell and people will come and be condemned to hell at your funeral”.

At that instance, my eyes opened and my sin became real to me. I saw how I was living far from GOD. I fell down that moment and started weeping and wailing. I could see my sins so real and GOD was so real to me at that moment. I was ashamed and felt condemned. I got up and ran into the room, locked the door and was very afraid to even look outside.

It was at that moment I knew that Jesus died for me. I saw Him as my only Saviour, I saw myself condemned before GOD and it was revealed to me that only through Christ I could be saved. I cried out the more calling upon Him to save me, the tears was great as I poured out my heart.

When I woke up early the next day, I felt a heavy burden departed from me and I became new. All things around me looked so different. My body, my flesh seems to me like a new baby. All my sins were gone. I became anew. I ran out of the house.

Joy filled all over me. I went back to my room, all things seemed strange to me. My clothes I have worn to commit all my atrocities, I despised them, and I lit a fire and started burning all that will bring to my remembrance the old life.

My books, my movies, worldly music, pictures, even my telephone contacts I burned. I had an old bible that I have never read.  As I started reading the bible – my heart beat increase and I could not stop reading the Bible even for a moment for the next four months until I left the village…”

*The name has been changed for privacy reasons.

Karl Barth said “we have to look at the cross of Jesus Christ to understand the seriousness of sin”.

Watch the "Sinner's prayer"

Watch the “Sinner’s prayer”

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